Brownie had this great idea to go spring snow boarding. Spring and snow don't go together do they? Yeuchhh...snow...

However, on the mountain there was still a lot of snow and Brownie insisted he do some shredding.

Once again I went along because I didn't want to be left in the house alone with the cats...double yeuchhhhhh!

Yeuchhhhh....snow...I bundled up...Brownie tried to claim that we have fur...that I don't need to bundle up...he went all California...yeuchhhhh...I needed protection from the harsh elements..
Mmmmmkay Brownie, hurry up...look up in the sky...anything could come down from there at any moment!
Brownie hit the hill...
This sucks!
All I could think about was how much being surrounded by snow sucks...
Kay Brownie, where's the sign that says "Home to cozy warmth?"
Brownie wanted a video I obliged. I added images of me in there just to make it all the better...I know I am cute, but try to focus on Brownie as it is about him...


Over and out.
Luv Floydie Bear

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