When it happened, I got an email from my friend right away.
I was really sad to hear of the passing of a brilliant children's writer,
and was really keen to tell Fuzzy. Why? Flat Stanley is Fuzzy's hero:

This is flat stanley sliding under doors....

And here is Fuzzy playing Flat Stanley with Tootie
(Yeuchhh, he prolly has fleas now).

Flat Stanley got mailed to his friend...

I happily mailed Fuzzy to his friend! This is brownie cutting him back out after he was sent back...I was pretty happy to leave him in the envelope...*sigh*

I had a hard time finding Fuzzy 'cause I didn't hear his irritating baby giggling that I usually have to put up with every morning...And then I saw his stupid heart sweater in a ball on the floor...and then Brownie growled at me not to pick on him - how primitive!

And then I saw Fuzzy like I'd never seen him before...like I thought I'd always wanted to see him...SAD...but it was really weird....

It seems that Fuzzy had already been up and on MY computer checking out his stupid baby web sites and his hero, Flat Stanley's web site and came across the above.

And I was overtaken by something, something that made me want to put off teaching Fuzzy life lessons...just for a little while...

We salute you Jeff Brown, for bringing us Flat Stanley and much joy...you're greatly missed.


Floydie Bear and Fuzzy

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