Me and Brownie went to Trafalgar Square in London to do like the Londoners do - feed the pigeons.

...and then there were two...I was fine as long as their little flea bag bodies didn't touch me and cause me to have to have a bath.

But my fur started to twitch when a pigeon gang showed up. They were pushy and spoke with a funny accent and demanded we give up the seed.

I told the pigeon where to stick his demands...and that was the beginning...

They swarmed me! Brownie was laughing! It wasn't funny. My worst nightmare coming true - having pigeons so close I'd be at risk of getting their fleas and have to have a bath!

Next time you think pigeons are cute and innocent and nice to feed think of this image. Pigeon gangs - they're a serious problem in Trafalgar Square.

Another public service announcement brought to you by
Floydie Bear.
I care.
Brownie laughs.

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