Meet the Squishsociates


Dr. Y.S. Floyd

Dr. Y. S. Floyd, PhD Squishology, Co-Founder Floyd's Teddy Bear Academy

Dr. Floyd is a respected squishologist with highest honours from Teddyland University. His groundbreaking research has kept teddies in the forefront of popularity for decades. Dr. Floyd co-founded Floyd's Teddy Bear Academy with his brother Brownie Man.

Brownie Man Brownie Man Floyd, Student of Life, Co-Founder Floyd's Teddy Bear Academy

Brownie Man's extensive travels have helped him bring a universal consciousness to teddies so that no matter where they live they are able to serve their new friends to their fullest capacity. Brownie Man co-founded Floyd's Teddy Bear Academy with his brother Dr. Y. S. Floyd
Fuzzy Fuzzy Floyd, Funny Club President

Fuzzy, youngest brother of Brownie Man and Dr. Floyd, brings a zest for life and a reminder that life is about loyal friendships, laughing and squishing. Fuzzy helps to remind previously loved teddies who may have forgotten these important values.

Alli, Friend of Teddies, Repairs and Travel Coordinator

Alli is a liaison helping the teddies get where they need to go through intake, bathing, repairs and postage. Alli's extensive teddy experience has allowed her to understand and help the teddies to let children everywhere know how important it is to have loyal, trusting friends.

Fudge Fudge, Teddy of All Trades, Expert Monster Terminator

Fudge is not only our Master Chef, but also instructs teddies in the art of monster terminating. Because of Fudge's expert instruction to teddies, many children around the world no longer fear what lies in closets and underneath the bed.

Placing Teddies Who Need Homes

Floyd's Teddy Bear Academy works to bring love, friendship and security to needy teddies and children. Previously loved teddies come from Goodwill stores, attics and empty bedrooms to Floyd's Teddy Bear Academy for love, washing, repairs and the anticipation of new friendships. Through the sale of Floydie Bear wares, such as domesticated monsters found under beds, or Floyd's Teddy Bear Academy Certified Monster Patrollers, Floyd's Teddy Bear Academy sends previously loved teddies to children who are waiting for loyal, unconditionally loving friendships.


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