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From Whistler, With Love from Matt Walker on Vimeo.

(A Floydie Bear representative appears at 2:45 and some of Floyd's Teddy Bear Academy graduates who travelled to Haiti appear in the background at 3:54 - This video looks the mostest awesomest if you watch it full screen by clicking on the arrows going in all directions next to 'vimeo' on the bottom right! :O)

"From Whistler, With Love is a small film project I shot that was inspired by the people of the beautiful little town I live in called Whistler. This is a collection of snippets from the long portraits I shot mostly in about a month's time of some of Whistler's colourful characters and people of character.

We have many talented artists, athletes, intellectuals, and just really interesting and genuine people, all beautiful in their own way. Each snippet provides a fleeting glimpse into each person's character, whether it's mischievous, animated, or contemplative and sincere.

Music by Sigur Ros used under guidelines from their website for art films.

Post production and editing by Rowen Grant, and a big thanks to all those who took the time to work with me on something unfamiliar and little different from the norm.

I love Whistler."

-Matt Walker 



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