Floydie Bear got an email from a bunch of amazing kids
in Niagara Falls, Canada who wanted to do a Teddy Bear drive
and Help Floydie Bear Help Teddies Help Kids!
How Amazing!
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Floydie Bear got on board with the gang at LEDANCEWORKS!

They gathered up a bazillion teddies!!!

Gave them some squishes for the road...

Added some notes and photos for their new friends to see...

And packed them into boxes (comfortably - not upside down - right?)

Uh oh...there's an upside down teddy - he's looking for his
friend so they can squish together for the journey!

They sealed and labelled the boxes...with very important notes

And vrooooom! These teddies will make their way down to Texas first to the people who transport the bears - and then make their special appearance to
kiddies in Central America just in time for Santa's visit!

Errrrr....cheers to all who participated!

(Disclaimer: Floydie Bear did not give that drink to that child!)

(Teddy Bears don't drink alcohol because it makes their limbs soggy and heavy
-we would have to skillfully tip ourselves to distribute the weight of the liquid
but then we end up falling on our soppy, wet, heavy, heads...)

I digress...

Stay tuned for update pictures once they're delivered in early December!


Floydie Bear


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