My boundaries are pretty simple.
I keep my distance from things like Broccoli


And Tootie the cat...yeuchhhh....


And when my little brother Tiny wants to keep a boundary with me,
he hangs out with Tootie...and I get the message
loud and CLEAR! (yeuchhhhhh)


I enjoy my quiet time alone with my favourite chocolate bar...

when I'm snuggling in for a good nap and my Floydie
senses wake me up...


to find Tootie eyeing MY CHOCOLATE...

The glove(s) is/are on! (once I find the other one)








"Noooo, no more Floydie Bear! I promise...
I'll never look at your chocolate again!"


*cough* *cough* Uggggghhhh.....


Now, where was I? Ah yes....
Sweet Dreams!
I hope you enjoyed Floydie Bear's boundaries lesson!

Over and Out

F zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bear


(Disclaimer: No flea bag tooties were injured in this
dramatization of Floydie Bear's boundaries. I would
never endeavour to injure any animal - even if they
make me itch and scratch and threaten my chocolate
with their flea-bag selves...hmmmpfffff)

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