Pooooor Bear!

A Public Service Announcement...

For my more primitive cousins...behind me is my cousin, the black bear...sure he smells, prolly has fleas, and eats gross things...BUT...he doesn't deserve to be shot because of stupid humans...

NOMNOMNOM He is in his natural habitat, nom noming on grass...not garbage...because there is no human garbage to eat in this area...and he is not attacking me...I know I smell sweet like chocolate, yet still he has no interest in mauling me...and I am keeping a respectful distance...he is a peaceful creature.
peacefully nom noming

He is peacefully nom noming away...the trouble starts when stupid humans leave garbage all over the place and the bears become dependant on it. Then they like the taste of it (yeuchhhh) and want to come into populated areas to find more of it...instead of nom noming in quiet little patches of grass like this one far from any human homes...

Stop my cousins from getting shot - don't leave garbage around for them to eat!


Remember..nom noming greenery away from homes good...garbage bad!

over and out,
Floydie Bear

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